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A new headquarter, based on efficiency

Pulsar Engineering has always placed constant process improvement and optimization at the core of its values. This commitment is not limited to providing cutting-edge solutions in the world of tissue, packaging and automation for its customers, but extends to every aspect of business life. Our vision involvs every area of the company, to ensure a global approach to innovation and quality.

From Feb. 01, 2024 Pulsar Engineering has moved its legal and operational headquarter to a new building, owned by the parent company, in which it has more than 7,000 square meters for the operational area, about twice the size of the pre-existing headquarters, and more than 1,000 square meters in total for offices.

The new headquarters, located at Via Marino Serenari, 37 in Castel Maggiore, just a few meters away from the previous facility and already used for workshop and warehouse needs, offers not only more space in terms of square meters, but also an environment specifically designed to support greater production capacity, enabling the company to respond quickly and proactively to customer needs and to optimize workflows between departments.

A strategic investment, balancing the need for continued growth and innovation with respect for the relationships built over time with the surrounding environment: the move from number 29 to number 37 on Via Marino Serenari is part of the aim of ensuring not only the maintenance of solid roots in the local community of Castel Maggiore (BO), but also a smooth transition for employees, collaborators and customers, who will be able to continue to benefit from familiarity with the surrounding area, while minimizing any possible logistical inconvenience.

In the design of the new headquarters, special attention was paid to the principles of efficiency and environmental sustainability, through construction choices and processes that will allow a gradual reduction in energy consumption-a choice that contributes to Pulsar Engineering's commitment to the process toward a more sustainable future. 

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