QUATIS - Machine designed to check the compliance of un-wrapped tissue products

The production of Tissue items, such as bathroom rolls, kitchen towels or industrial rolls, folded products and handkerchiefs is subject to some variations during the production process, that the operator can hardly check. The variations can be subject to some risk of non-compliance, which compromise the hygiene of finalproducts.

With Pulsar Engineering's Quatis now it is possible to monitor in real time and with continuity the compliance of individual rolls to the desired specifications, directly along the converting line, Quatis provides also the customer with the possibility to discard immediately the individual non-compliant product. 
Besides the compliance check, the system provides a series of analysis functions, essential for defining the frequency and the causes of the defectiveness.

With Quatis Rolls:

•  Every loss of compliance recorded, is  accounted over time, in order to provide statistics
• Statistical data relating to the whole amount of non-compliant product are collected in % and compared with all the examined products. In this way, it is possible to determine the frequency of each lack of compliance
• The customer can store the type of the format, the session of production and the production lot, so as to keep this information related to the level of non-compliance detected, in order to allow the traceability of production
• The customer can gather and store images of the rolls which are not compliant to the standards, by associating their respective production data

The configuration of Quatis designed as a stand alone machine, allows the installation in new or existing converting lines.