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Product Handling Units

Pulsar Engineering provides customers with a wide variety of units to be employed for the handling of products belonging to the packaging, tissue and automation industries. 

Stop units

Stop units (also known as brake units) are objects to stop the products movement on the conveyor.

Diverting units

Diverting units (also called strippers, measuring units, sorting units etc.) are all objects which can change the direction of a product in transit.

Transfer units

A large part of Pulsar Engineering applications must interface with machines (upstream or downstream) without damaging, dismantling or moving a product from its set position; for these reasons transfer units have been designed.

Special conveyor

Apart from producing conveyor lines with standard materials, Pulsar Engineering has created and can devise special conveyors and systems to meet customers’ needs.

Accessory units

Pulsar Engineering has studied a manifold series of units and accessories capable of meeting the most varied handling requirements of products transported on Pulsar conveyors or on existing conveyors.

Core Transfer Unit

The system has been designed to convey cardboard cores from the tube forming machine to the core accumulator.

RCS Rolls Control System

The RCS (Rolls Control System) unit is an electro-mechanical group which can operate in a dynamic way on all the rolls which would otherwise arrive not correctly oriented at the wrapper infeed

Bridge Ways

The "bridge way" is a manually activated unit that allows the operator to cross the line.

Gravity Roll Lowering Units

The lowering chutes for rolls are used to change the level between the roll infeed and outfeed points. Accumulation of product on the chute is possible, it obviously depends on the position of the unit along the line and with respect to other machines.

Roll Sorting Unit

The manual lifting and lowering unit, which diverts the roll flow coming from one line to one of the two vertical overlapping outfeed lanes. The operator, using the pump handle, manually actives the cylinders that extend and constrict and move the conveyor arrival position.

Pack Combining Unit

The mechanical 2-1 pack combining unit with push allows to reunite the flow of packs coming from two different wrapping lines.

Bundle Rotating Unit

A unit able to rotate a product 90 degrees a round a vertical axis is defined a bundle rotating unit.

Pack Rotating Upender Unit

A unit that applies a rotation (in general 90 degrees) to the product around a horizontal axis parallel to the direction of transport is defined as a pack upender unit.

Pack Reject Control

A device used to reject products coming from the upstream line. The unit is inserted along the line and is made up of a lowering and lifting idle roller with upstream fulcrum.