Innovation in the Packaging Industry

In the Packaging Industry Pulsar Engineering has designed and installed

  • conveyor systems for packets of cigarettes, with transfer and orientation groups for 500/600 packets per minute
  • conveyor systems for blisters (600 pieces/minute) with units for the control and the automatic reject of the product, together with spacing units for the ink-markers;
  • conveyor systems for small bottles in clean rooms; connections to the filling, closing, capping and casing machines;
  • conveyor systems for cases and Flow Pack lines with orientation, preparation and metering from the packaging machine to the robot.

Stick of cigarettes system conveyor

This conveyor has been designed for the tobacco industry, in order to allow the transport of sticks of cigarettes exiting from the packaging machine up to the boxing machine.

Coffee packs conveyor system

The system has been made to transport packs, bundles and coffee cans for the coffee industry.

Cube conveyor and turning system

The special conveyor has been realised for transport of broth cubes from the packaging machine to the cartoning machine.

Coffee pods in godet

The coffee pods, which must be bagged, are conveyed placed on two columns, inside a plastic carrier.

Glass bottle conveyor system

The plant has been realised for the transport of closed glass bottles for the pharmaceutical industry.

Ice-Cream conveyor system

The plant has been realised with the same concept as the conveyors in the B045 S series, but is made completely in stainless steel, as it must convey ice-creams exiting the refrigerator to the packaging machine.

Glass Jars conveyor system

The plant has been realised using chains from the C136 series and belt conveyor B09 0S with increased grip, for the transport of pallets containing glass jars.

Pet bottles conveyor system

This conveyor contrasts with the traditional air conveyor system.

Plastic cups conveyor system

This line conveys plastic cups in 3 rows from the moulding machine to the bordering machine, then on to the film wrapping machine and the cartoning machine

Plastic bottles depuck units

The unit was invented and realised in order to automatically manage, without operator, in a continuous manner (therefore no pick&place) the removal of the product from the pallet that contains them.

Wine brick conveyor system

The system has been created for the transport of briks for the wine bottling industry.

Snack conveyor system

The plant has been realised to transport packaged snacks, empty boxes and full packaged boxes.

Coffee packet accumulator

This ascent/descent type of accumulator is introduced into a coffee packaging plant between a filling-packaging device and a taping machine that wraps the double pack.

Alpine conveyors for flacons

This device connects a blowing machine to a filling machine.

Blister pack pallet conveyor system

The system conveys special pallets loaded with blister packs of flea treatment liquid for pets.

Tablet blister conveyor system

The plant has been designed to transport aluminium blisters containing tablets for the pharmaceutical industry: realised using belt conveyors from the B045 T series and accompanied by special units for the transport, marking, control and automatic rejection of the product.

Bottles of pils conveyor system

The plant includes reorganisers for empty bottles, filling and counting machines for bottle filling, scales, bottle sealing devices, machines for welding the aluminium sheets on the caps, cartoning machine, bundling devices and packers.

Cardboard rings conveyor system

It is a system composed by 2 independent lines which convey carton rings for boxes in the food industry and by cut-off machines which produce them, plus some box-forming machines.

Pack turner system

The unit has been realised due to the necessity to make the product reach the shrink-wrapper, turned by 90° with respect to the exit of the filling machine.

Cigarette pack turner system

Line devised for the tobacco sector according to the customer’s and Pulsar Engineering’s specifications and experience, using standard components of the B045 S series and personalized with special units for handling packs.