Quatis for Bags

The packaging of tissue products such bags of industrial rolls, toilet and kitchen paper and folded products is subject to shape and dimension variations that can be hardly checked by the line operators.

Quatis is the unique machine in the Tissue Industry which can ensure 100% quality control of wrapped products in real time, with no operator intervention. The machine monitors and checks the product compliance directly on the conveying systems, with the possibility of ejecting the non compliant ones. In this way you are assured that the products intended for sale conform to the requirements, increasing the quality perceived by the end user.

Quatis also offers the opportunity of improving the upstream machine settings, increasing the efficiency of the line and the production capacity. Moreover, the system allows to perform a series of statistical analysis to determine the frequency and the causes of non compliance, essential for the analysis and check of the quality of the production process.

Quatis Bags can:

• Record every detected non compliance for statistical analysis;
• Provide statistical data as a percentage of total non compliant products over products examined;
• Store the format, the shift and the production batch data in order to connect them to the detected non compliances
• Store the images of non compliant products associated to their production data.

Quatis Bags is designed as a stand-alone machine. Such configuration allows its installation within new or existing converting lines.