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Alpine conveyors for flacons

This device connects a blowing machine to a filling machine. When the filling machine is at standstill, products accumulate in the alpine conveyor to prevent the blowing machine from stopping as the latter machine generally takes a long time to re-start.

The alpine conveyor can be removed to increase the filling machine’s cycle time without changing the blowing machine’s productivity; alternatively it can be removed at the end of the shift.

When the blowing and filling machines are working correctly (with the diverter enabled), the alpine conveyor is by-passed.

The alpine conveyor is built following modular construction principles, so it comprises several pairs of parallel conveyors of suitable length to fit the layout supplied. Each pair of conveyors move in opposite directions. AAccompanying several pairs of conveyors is a path of required length (storage time) to compensate for the filling machine’s downtime.

The device comprises a feeding conveyor, a discharge conveyor [SU 4124 /03 00] and a by-pass conveyor connected to the outfeed conveyor via the diverter.

To protect the flacons from dust the alpine conveyor features a structure of aluminium profiles with transparent polycarbonate seals.