A step further in Tissue Quality Inspection Systems

Vision is a modular system for the inspection of quality of Tissue products based on image analysis.

In particular, it was developed for the inspection of interfolded products, both wrapped and unwrapped.

Besides checking the quality of products, the system can detect and read alphanumeric codes while digitizing them using OCR technology.

Due to its modular concept and its dimensions, it can be easily adapted to many and various configurations of use, both in new or existing lines.
The number and type of inspections to be carried out makes it also customizable for the required specifications. The construction method allows a level of customization that can satisfy every application and every budget. 

Non-compliances detected:

1. Non compliant print centering
2. Ghost printing detection
3. Text detection and elaboration through OCR
4. Non compliant side sealing
5. Non compliant bottom cross sealing
6. Open flaps
7. Non compliant shape
8. Perforation line detection