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Product Handling Machines

Pulsar Engineering patented rolls' sorting units allow customers to manage the flow of cut products on different conveyor lanes.

REDS DIVIDER intermediate rolls

The Intermediate REDS is a sorting system for rolls of toilet paper and kitchen roll (Roll Exchange Divider System).

REDS from logsaw

The log-saw REDS is a machine that allows to sort the flow of cut rolls in exit from the log-saw on two different conveyor lanes.

MDP pack diverter

The Packs diverter has been designed to feed multi-lane case packer machines. The in-feed conveyor takes the packs arriving from the upstream line and takes them to the diverter which provi¬des to divide and sort the packs flow on multiple lanes

SMP Stacking machine system

The layering device is a machine which, starting from an individual arrival of product (packs or bundles), creates a configuration of overlaying products on exit (with two or three layers).