Pulsar Engineering is the leading provider of engineering and manufacturing solutions to handle and convey products belonging to the Packaging, Tissue and Automation industries.



Within the Tissue Industry, Pulsar Engineering has installed a consistent number of turnkey plants for the main tissue producers all around the world, equipped with specific machines (diverters, layering machines) and line management software. Pulsar Engineering’s installations maximize the productivity of the line, significantly reduce the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and the operating costs. The lines are equipped with remote monitoring systems, which allow operators to perform service operations and online functional checks.
Within the Packaging Industry, Pulsar Engineering has manufactured complete plants to handle various types of products, such as: packets of cigarettes with transfer and orientation groups for 500/600 packets per minute; conveyor systems for blisters (600 pieces/minute) with units aimed at controlling and automatic rejecting the product; conveyor systems for small bottles in clean rooms; connections to the filling, closing, capping and casing machines; conveyor systems for cases and Flow Pack with orientation, preparation and metering from the packaging machine to the robot.
Within the Automation Industry, Pulsar Engineering has designed and installed conveyor systems for pallet handling, semi-automatic assembly lines (electrical components, batteries, condensers, and mechanical components), alpine accumulation conveyors for production lines and connections among the processing machines. Pulsar Engineering’s systems have been applied to the automotive, mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronic and textile industries.


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