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Coffee packet accumulator

This ascent/descent type of accumulator is introduced into a coffee packaging plant between a filling-packaging device and a taping machine that wraps the double pack.

The client wants to accumulate the packaged product for 4 mins, in order to allow downstreammachine coil change without stopping production of the upstream machine.

The accumulator, placed between the two machines, functions continuously, and the distance product passes through it (one full and one empty).

When the downstream machine stops, the packets produced by the upstream machine start to accumulate in the accumulator, recovering the space between one product and another.

On start-up of the downstream machine, its production should increase in order to recover the product accumulated during the stop period.

A manual diverter is present before the entry of the accumulator, in order to send part of the product to the quality control area. The guide disks [PU 3426 /05 03 ] mounted on the bends are built in two pieces to allow quick disassembly. The inclination of the ascent and descent tracts is 6 °.