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About us

Pulsar Engineering is based in Castelmaggiore, near Bologna, in the heart of the region of Emilia Romagna, the "packaging valley" of Europe.

Thanks to its centuries long technical and mechanical tradition, many companies that started here are now worldwide leaders in packaging and product movimentation.

Pulsar Engineering's activities are the engineering, production and creation of movimentation and transport solutions for the packaging, tissue and automation industries.

It also produces specialised automatic machinery for feeding, packaging, and sorting in the tissue sector. Pulsar Engineering, being highly committed to research of innovative solutions, has filed many patents and has been widely recognised for its experimentation and innovation. 

To this end, Pulsar Engineering's innovative "Layout Simulator" software can design new systems by comparing all process machinery present on the market and simulating their productive capacity.To this end, you can see various options aimed at your specific production needs in real time and evaluate the true value of your investment.

For the tissue industry, Pulsar Engineering produces movimentation machinery for rolls and packages of toilet paper and paper towel, machinery for processing and packaging folded paper products and product movimentation units. In just a few years, Pulsar Engineering has built more than 100 systems and eight complete plants for major tissue manufacturers. Our continuous studies on the improvement of production line management has led us to create ideal hardware and software combinations that can manage and optimise entire lines integrating machinery with transport systems.

An excellent example is our patented harmonisation and supervision software called Reds System.

In the packaging and automation industry, Pulsar Engineering has realised product movimentation systems and units that are now used in all major industries such as food, pharmaceutics, packaging, mechanics and automobiles. Our installations are used by such prestigious, world renowned companies as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Wyeth Lederle and Ferrero.

Thanks to our streamlined and flexible company structure, Pulsar Engineering is clearly the perfect partner for solutions to your movimentation and packaging problems. Right from your first contact, Pulsar Engineering will activate its network of services for you. Our technical department will visit your site, obtain all information relevant to your request, execute a thorough analysis of your project and present you with a proposal containing: a detailed breakdown of components and prices, a 3D layout, achievable performance levels and a functional analysis optimising the system with software developed by us.

You will have a company technician as your contact during the realisation of the project.

Our technician will be your tutor and project monitor and will send you update reports during all project phases, which include production, assembly, testing and shipping. Your Pulsar Engineering tutor will train and test your technicians and can even do so through distance learning, thanks to Pulsar Engineering's multimedia technology.

Your project will also include ample documentation on DVD such as user manuals, 3D instruction manuals and video and graphic representations that will give your staff constant access to any required information.

You can check the progress of all your project phases online, as well as download additional manuals and updates. Through our specific web application, you can check our spare parts warehouse and order whatever you need completely on your own. Pulsar Engineering's after sales service guarantees prompt management of spare parts and thorough servicing. The experience we have acquired through many installations and the trust endowed in us by our clients, who are worldwide leaders in their sectors, pushes us everyday to do better and to find solutions even where none have existed before.