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Car compressor turbine pallet conveyor system

In this system, realised in collaboration with a mechanical manufacturer of the automotive industry, boxes for car compressor turbines are conveyed on pallets. Given the different product dimensions and type the pallets feature marks able to accept any kind of boxes.

The pre-machined products are taken from two washing machines and manually loaded on the pallet by operators. The pallets travel along the line that runs parallel to 5 stations of manual activities and controls. On each of these stations the operator manually withdraws the products from the pallets, carries out the necessary operations and places them back on the empty pallets that run on the line.

Once the operation has been carried out, the products move forward up to the area where the operators download them to be palletised.

The empty pallet are then transferred to the last section of the line, to return to the loading point of the washing machines. The number of the pallets on the line can be up to 50.