Pack Combining Unit

The mechanical 2-1 pack combining unit with push allows to reunite the flow of packs coming from two different wrapping lines.

It consists of two paddles that close the passage of the packs on both of the lines. When a pack touches a paddle, it lifts it and, at the same time, mechanically blocks the opening of the other. The paddle remains in a lifted position while pack transit takes place and product accumulates on the other line.

As soon as the flow of packs ends, the paddle is lowered and unblocks the opening of the other passage.
The unit is not characterised by a production limit value: it is able to sustain any production rate and in this sense it is totally transparent with respect to line functioning. The unit is equipped with downstream control photocells that verify passage of the product (correct functioning condition).

The unit may be lifted to place it out of order ( by-pass position). The possibility of the paddles blocking if packs arrive at the same time on the two upstream lines is not to be considered.

Pneumatic brake units can be installed to contain accumulation upstream from the unit in acceptable spaces (essentially owing to the quantity of packs being pushed before they are deformed and to the length of the line).

These units interrupt arrival of the products after a relevent electrical signal coming from a photocell. In this way it is possible to create the space necessary for the paddle to lower and unblock the one at the side.