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SMP Stacking machine system

The layering device is a machine which, starting from an individual arrival of product (packs or bundles), creates a configuration of overlaying products on exit (with two or three layers).

The first phase of product stacking takes place in an intermediate store: a mobile belt directs the product to one of three levels.

Each level is made up of a conveyor belt equipped with its own motorisation.

When the mobile belt is positioned from one to the other exit there must not be product in transit: the measurement (start-stop) of arrival is carried out using a launching unit with lateral belts.

Once all levels have been filled, the machine expels the pile of products from the intermediate store.

This takes place using a pushing device controlled by a chain which makes the two/three layers of product exit at the same time.

The expulsion is supported by belt motors.

The loading belts contain products measuring up to 1 metre in length – packs with length measuring less than half a metre are layered two-bytwo.