Transfer units

A large part of Pulsar Engineering applications must interface with machines (upstream or downstream) without damaging, dismantling or moving a product from its set position; for these reasons transfer units have been designed.

Another reason is that under certain conditions the products must feed the machines downstream and have to be transfered, maintaining their characteristics stable, that is, speed, direction, position respect to the conveyor axis etc.

Some of these units can be mounted and considered as standard on Pulsar Engineering conveyors, such as the knife-edge idler unit on the belt conveyors and the motorised knife-edge units on the C075M series.

Transfer units are usually considered as “transparent” respect to the line, actually they improve its’ characteristics.

Only in some cases like the lifting/lowering groups for pallets, it is necessaryto take some precautions on the line (lenght, speed, photocells etc.).