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Tablet blister conveyor system

The plant has been designed to transport aluminium blisters containing tablets for the pharmaceutical industry: realised using belt conveyors from the B045 series and accompanied by special units for the transport, marking, control and automatic rejection of the product.

The client’s blister packing machine is present in the plant, with which the Pulsar Engineering conveyor and a boxing machine interfaces, where the conveyor unloads the blisters that have passed quality control.

Ttransfer units at 90° with overlaying sheets have been realised to allow the product to make the bends necessary in the layout. An ink-jet is present on exit from the blister packing machine in order to mark the batch and expiry date; immediately downstream from this, a 1st pneumatic reject unit (for rejection of unmarked products). It is realised using an electrovalve-controlled blowing nozzle.

The 2nd rejection unit can be found on entry to the boxing machine in order to prevent blockage of the packaging machine (if it stops, rejection is activated and products arriving before the blister packaging machine has stopped are rejected into a relevant box).

It’s important to remember that the blisters are transported with the flat part in contact with the sheet.