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Pet bottles conveyor system

This conveyor contrasts with the traditional air conveyor system. It was designed and patented by Pulsar Engineering to solve the problems posed by air:

• to eliminate dust and particles in the bottles;

• to prevent build-up of electrostatic charge on bottles;

• to ensure energy savings: it uses fewer electric motors that consume less power than the air systems.

Conveyed bottles are suspended by their necks with special flaps mounted on two parallel motorized chains. This application conveys the bottles from the blowing machine to the filling machine in the least possible space. The conveyor system is special as there is direct interfacing with the blowing machine on the dead surface, where the machine’s gripper opens and releases the formed bottles.

Entire draw/forwarding units have been designed to interface with the machines upstream and downstream. It is possible to change the bottle format (width and height) to be conveyed and an additional unit can help convey bottles of broader necks up to 3 8 mm.