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Plastic cups conveyor system

This line conveys plastic cups in 3 rows from the moulding machine to the bordering machine, then on to the film wrapping machine and the cartoning machine.

At the line’s centre are sorting units that eject non-conforming products (cups without rims or imperfectly wrapped stacks of cups) onto B09 0 conveyor belts with flights and step motor, mounted orthogonally to the lines.

Film-wrapped stacks of cups are conveyed on lifting and lowering units to be boxed manually or continue on air lines to the accumulator.

Fitted before the cartoning machine is an accumulator/sorting unit [SU 544 824 00] that, by means of gravity chutes and rotating drums, conveys the products from lines to 2, and then to a single line.The main connections comprise C075 and B045 components.