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Coffee packs conveyor system

The system has been made to transport packs, bundles and coffee cans for the coffee industry. The system has been studied and designed in order to guarantee the maximum free space available and the highest operator ergonomicity to have access to the processing machines.

For this reason the system is mainly made up of ceiling conveyors, with floor conveyors only in the machine infeed and outfeed areas. This is possible thanks to the reduced necessity for maintenance and for manual format changeovers (all the changeovers and the sorting units are pneumatically activated and controlled from the HMI). The system is designed to have a central area where all products coming from the outfeed of the forming machines upstream are conveyed.

The sorting is decided from the HMI: either to produce the bundles on the bundling machine downstream or the cartons with the single packets on the tray--?forming machine. The line is charachterised by many special groups to sort, handle and control the product, pneumatically activated and with manual control from HMI to upend, turn, and rotate the product at the infeed and outfeed of the packing machines (both for the single packs and the bundles). The product control units have been studied to guarantee the line maximum efficiency and the highest quality of the product. Upstream from the packing machines the line is equipped with groups to control the vaacum-packed single coffee packs.

This group is pneumatically activated and complete of a reject unit to reject the packs that are not regular.

The entire line is managed by a control system and supervision by Pulsar Engineering which controls the entire plant, from the coffee powder silos to the end-of-line palletisers.

With such system it is possible to see, change and request the production record data of every machine of the line just from one single point and from one single industrial PC; it is also possible to have the partial and total production achieved in a specific period of time.