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LI-ION Battery pallet conveyor

The photos represent a special complete plant realised for AArcotronics, for the transport of pallets used for the construction of the Li-Ion battery for Energyzer. The plant, which in this case has been supplied without electrical controls, consisted in a series of chain conveyors from the C075M series, which connected the AArcotronics machines to the accumulation tables supplied by Pulsar. The latter were realised using rectilinear modular chains mounted on special frames with C13 6 derivation diagrams.

The plant is complete with automatic [SU 24 77/0500] and manual [SU 77/0600] sorting systems, for the passage of the pallets from one conveyor to the other or for entry/ exit to the machine.

The accident-prevention devices are of particular importance in this plant, which the client requested in order to satisfy the strict regulations of the AAmerican market.

As can be noted from the two photos, all wheel bends [PU 342 6/0503 ], the drive and idle units, and edges of the chain are enclosed inside stainless steel and aluminium safety casing, only leaving the zones interested by passage of the product and those where the chain does not constitute a danger to the operator free.