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Wine brick conveyor system

The system has been created for the transport of briks for the wine bottling industry. The system has been studied and designed in order to guarantee the maximum free space available and the highest operator ergonomicity to have access to the processing machines. For this reason the system is mainly made up of ceiling conveyors, with floor conveyors only in the machine infeed and outfeed areas.

This is possible thanks to the reduced necessity for maintenance and to the lack of format changeovers in the line.

The line is composed of 2 distinct areas: the first regards the connection between the brik forming/filling machines and the capping machines whereas the second are the connections between the capping machines and the packing and cartoning areas. The line has been designed so that at the outfeed of the capping machines it is possible to choose with which area to work through a special product transfer unit.

This product sorting is decided manually by the operator (this could also be done automatically from the operator panel but it’s not present on this system). To reduce damages to the briks due to product accumulation on the line the side containment guides have been made with tubes in stainless steel.

To guarantee the highest efficiency and to reduce line stops due to jams or to too big accumulations special product reject units have been studied which, after detecting the incoming product position, reject those incorrectly placed. Special automatic sorting units pneumatically activated have been studied for the area dedicated to the transport of the 0.25 L briks – these are controlled by PLC and feed the case packers in the right way, managing accumulations downstream.

The entire line is predisposed to have a control and supervising system which manages the entire system from the wine storage silos to the end-of-line palletisers. With such system it is possible to see, change and request the production record data of every machine of the line just from one single point and from one single industrial PC; it is also possible to have the partial and total production achieved in a specific period of time.