Innovation in the Automation Industry

In the Automation Industry Pulsar Engineering has designed and installed

  • conveyor systems for pallet handling,
  • semi-automatic assembly lines (electrical components, batteries, condensers, mechanical components),
  • alpine conveyors/accumulators for production lines,
  • connections among the processing machines.

Pulsar Engineering’s systems have been applied to the car, mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronic and textile industries.

LI-ION Battery pallet conveyor

A special complete plant realised for Arcotronics, for the transport of pallets used for the construction of the Li-Ion battery

Bulb spiral shaped conveyor system

Pulsar Engineering’s complete conveyor line system for transporting pallets in the mechanic/electronic industries.

Mechanical product conveyor system

The plant has been realised to transport mechanical products of various sizes positioned on pallets and also in order to create a small assembly line.

Capacitors pallet conveyor system

The conveyor has been designed to interlock with electric capacitor production plant.

Pump mounting pallet conveyor system

Pulsar Engineering created this closed ring to meet Speroni’s requirements involving the possibility of eliminating manual loading/unloading of the pallets from the line around workstations.

Mechanical shaft pallet conveyor system

The plant is made up of closed conveyors that convey the product on a pallet from one station to the next.

Car compressor turbine pallet conveyor system

In this system, realised in collaboration with a mechanical manufacturer of the automotive industry, boxes for car compressor turbines are conveyed on pallets.