Accessory units

There is an ever increasing tendency to have the maximum flexibility availablein conveyor plant in order to meet the markets various needs without twisting the structure.

It is therefore necessary to be able to intervene on the product before it enters the various processing machines.

Pulsar Engineering has studied a manifold series of units and accessories capable of meeting the most varied handling requirements of products transported on Pulsar Engineering conveyors or on existing conveyors.

The accessory units can be divided into two large categories:

- installable on B-Flex conveyors

- independent (that is, they can be positioned along any line, clearly with the required adjustments)

ll these groups can be associated with the first three categories into which the booklet is divided; the only difference is that in most cases it consists of units that are quite consistent regarding volume of pieces and hours of study.

It is not, however, a simple containment guide which moves, but more complex systems.