The solutions for Tissue

  • Engineering, tissue converting engineering and layout simulator software PLS
  • Software: REDS System, harmoniser/supervisor
  • Wrapping machines: bag-fillers realizzate dalla consociata LMI
  • Product handling machines: REDS Divider, The Packs diverter, SMP stacking machine for packs & bundles
  • Product handling units: RCS (Rolls Control System), Realignment, gravity roll lowering chute units, roll sorting unit, pack and bundle rotating/upender unit, lifting/lowering unit, bridge ways unit...
  • Conveyors: chain conveyors, belt conveyors, roller conveyors

Tissue converting Engineering

The experience gained by Pulsar Engineering represents an important milestone for the Tissue Industry.

Dynamic PLS

PLS Dynamic is a new 3D simulation software

PLS - Pulsar Layout Simulator

PLS – Pulsar Layout Simulator is a software by Pulsar Engineering which can configurate a new plant, comparing every processing machine present on the market to simulate their productive capacity.