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RCS Rolls Control System

The RCS (rolls Control System) unit is an electro-mechanical group qhich can operate in a dynamic way on all the rolls which would otherwise arrive not correctly oriented at the wrapper infeed.

The main characteristic of this machine is the possibility to act only on disallined rolls without altering production as it operates in a dynamic way without stopping or slowing down the product flow.

The operation principle allows to act on single rolls and only on those which are not correctly oriented. This is made possibile through a series of gummed rolls positioned according to the format in production and suitably oriented, which allow the free passage of the rolls correctly aligned and acts only on those in a wrong position.

This unit can be used on every roll conveying line from 1 to 4 lanes and must be placed close to the wrapper, right before the last accumulation area feeding the wrapper.

The RCS has been engineered to act on single rolls of toilet paper but it can also allow the free passage of kitchen rolls; in this case the unit is a simple neutral transfer unit.