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Cardboard rings conveyor system

It is a system composed by 2 independent lines which convey carton rings for boxes in the food industry and by cut-off machines which produce them, plus some box-forming machines.

Both lines have ceiling conveyors to allow the passage of goods and operators underneath. The first line can feed up to 4 machines at the same time.

Through a first automatic 1 /sorting unit the cut-off machine production is diverted to lines. One goes to the first machine, whereas the other, through a second automatic /3 sorting unit, can feed machines. The second line can feed up to machines at the same time. One automatic /sorting unit sorts the production to lines which feed the manufacturing machines.

It is possible to choose the functioning mode of the sorting units, therefore which and how many machinesto feed, directly from the operator panel.

As all the machines’ infeed are at a lower level, the rings fall from the ceiling conveyors thorugh gravity chutes which feed the machines.

Given the different ring diameter to be conveyed it is necessary to adjust the containment guides of the conveyors and chutes on different positions. This is done automatically from the operator panel through a series of pneumatic cylinders positioned on the guide brackets. The system is supplied complete of pneumatic and electric controls.