Core Transfer Unit

The system has been designed to convey cardboard cores from the tube forming machine to the core accumulator.

The core is transported crosswise to the feed direction, pulled by two standard C075 type chain conveyors made up of simple links and cleated links. The unit has the characteristic of loading the cores in an aligned fashion at the tube forming machine outfeed, and unloading them aligned on the core accumulator or on a Pulsar Engineering chain elevator that conveys the products upwards. This characteristic prevents products from overlapping, even at high speed, inside the bend that they form, giving the upstream tube forming machine greater production speed.

Thanks to a minimum and maximum loading control system on our transfer unit input and output, and a management software that communicates directly with the upstream and dowstream machines, it is able to adapt to tube forming machine production offering proper distribution and transportation of produced cores, avoiding harmful process machine starting and stopping. 

It is possible (after having verified the operation principles and available overall dimensions) to create other types of angles and slopes.