Unconventional Packaging Solution

With ANTARES, Pulsar Engineering has introduced a new concept based on robotic and modular system that makes possible automated solutions of packaging process, with features and performances not achievable with conventional system.

ANTARES is not a simple machine, but it is a set of modules able to make asymmetric bundles, stack, orient, fill, layer, package, as well as palletize products in a high flexible way, with a single system and without of many of the constraints posed by the machine available today on the market.

It guarantees high flexibility and adaptability to the formats required (robots can handle different products: rectangular, square, toilet paper, kitchen towels, handkerchiefs, facial tissue boxes and more over) reducing and almost eliminating the time for format change-over. This applies both to the product type to be grouped and packaged and to the configuration of the output patterns, and even the type of packaging with the possibility of using on the same system flexible films, pre-formed or to-be-formed bags, in plastic or paper, or cardboard boxes, even simultaneously.

Thanks to the implementation of robotic technology, it is possible to benefit from significant increases in machine availability: the transition from traditional – mainly mechanical – technology to the use of robotic systems makes it possible to minimize downtime and improve the overall efficiency of the packaging process.


  • Ability to use a single modular, robotic, flexible and easily configurable system based on the needs and variations required by the market, to stack, fill, orient, package, layer and palletize products;

  • Possibility of making asymmetric bundles in continuity, thanks to orientation in two directions;

  • Thanks to the possibility to orientate the products inside the bundle (asymmetric bundles) in different ways, based on specific needs, ANTARES guarantees an optimization of pallet layers and pallet stability;

  • High variety of products to be handled (rectangular, square, packs of toilet rolls or kitchen towels, packs of napkins, packs of handkerchiefs, facial tissue boxes and more);

  • Increased machine availability by switching from traditional – mostly mechanical - technology to robotics;

  • Drastic reduction in changeover times;

  • Ability to handle simultaneous packaging in plastic film, paper and cardboard boxes with the same machine;

  • Reduction in floor space combined with palletizing area;

  • Reduced investment and maintenance costs; Lower logistic costs;

  • Reduction in logistic costs;

  • High level of operator accessibility and control at all phases of the process.

Watch the video HERE