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Blister pack pallet conveyor system

The system conveys special pallets loaded with blister packs of flea treatment liquid for pets. Developed in collaboration with the manufacturing companies of the blister packing and cartoning machines, the system also comes with various special units devised especially to handle blisters of this sort.

There is a chain conveyor for recirculating the pallets on an electro-welded stainless steel structure with aluminium and polycarbonate profile guardings.

Close to the blister and cartoning machines there are two pick&place units for feeding and discharging the blisters on/from the pallet.

At the entrance to the cartoning machine is a control station with mechanical feelers that “feel” the blisters on the pallets; at the entrance to the blistering machine, instead, is another station that checks for any pallets that are completely empty. If the two stations detect any anomalies, the pallet is ejected onto an idle roller next to the conveyor line.

Upstream of the blister packing machine there’s a control station, which checks if the blisters are present on the pallet whereas at the blister packing machine’s infeed there’s another station which checks if the pallets are completely empty. If the two stations detect any incorrect condition, the pallet is rejected onto an idler roller conveyor positioned on the conveyor’s side.

Downstream of the control station, between the blister packing and cartoning machines, there is a marking area with ink-jet head. To ensure correct marking, the incoming pallet is taken by a pair of Pulsar Engineering lateral belts that feed the pallets at a steady speed.

Pallets able to contain 4 or 6 blister packs accompany the line. There is also a complete pneumatic system and electric controls to manage the entire system and to interface with the upstream and downstream machines.

AA control cabinet with graphic touch screen operator panel controls the line’s entire process.