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Terms and conditions of use

The www.pulsarengineering.com website is an online information service provided byPulsar Engineering s.r.l. (Pulsar Engineering), its use is subject to acceptance of the terms andconditions (“Conditions”) established as follows.


All information contained in this website, includingdata, text, graphics, illustrations, photographs, press releases, news aboutthe company or the companies belonging to the group are the sole and exclusiveproperty of Pulsar Engineering or its licensors. The material under license shall refer to the licensorwho authorized the publication.

No website content may be reproduced, modified,copied, transferred, downloaded, duplicated, saved or sold in any form or byany means, without Pulsar Engineering’s prior written permission.

The material may be used for private purposes, withoutthe prior written consent of Pulsar Engineering. In no case, the contents available on thewebsite may be transferred to third parties.

Trademarks and Patents

All trademarks,logos, trade names and other features of any kind used in the website are ownedby Pulsar Engineering, the companies belonging to the group and its licensors. They cannotbe reproduced without Pulsar Engineering’s prior written permission. 

All trademarks under license published in the websiterefer to the licensor who has granted the right of using the Pulsar Engineering’strademark.

The access to the website does not give to the userany right or entitlement on any kind of Pulsar Engineering’s trademark or granted licensedtrademark.

Disclaimer ofwarranty and limitation of liability

The purpose of the www.pulsarengineering.com website is to provide, in good faith, updated andprecise information. In any case, Pulsar Engineering provides the services on an “as is”and “as available” basis and makes no warranties or representations, whetherexpress or implied, in relation to the service, including but not limited toimplied warranties or conditions of completeness, accuracy, satisfactoryquality and fitness for a particular purpose, all of which are hereby excludedto the maximum extent permitted by law. Pulsar Engineering makes no warranty that the informationprovided will meet your requirements and the service will be safe, secure,uninterrupted, timely, accurate and error-free. Theuser expressly acknowledges and agrees to use the website at his own risk,assuming the responsibility to cover the costs connected with the use of thewebsite. The user exonerates Pulsar Engineering from liability for any damages eitherdirect, indirect, incidental or consequential incurred as a result of viewingor using this website. In no case Pulsar Engineering limits or excludes its own liabilityfor death or personal injury caused by its defect, malice or gross negligence. The warranty obligations related to purchased productsand/or services shall be regulated in the specific agreement, in accordance withthe terms and conditions agreed.

Pulsar Engineering is not responsible for the content,availability, accuracy and precision of the information contained anddisseminated in websites that may be reached through links included in thepages of our website www.pulsarengineering.com, or through which the Pulsar Engineering website may be reached,except for the websites related to the Group.

Where, pursuant to the law and the jurisdiction ofsome countries, certain exemptions granted under such provisions cannot beapplied, they shall not be fully or partially applied.


Pulsar Engineering has alwaysbeen committed to ensuring the privacy and the confidentiality of the personaldata in its possession. For a complete description of the personal datahandling, please consult the privacy policy by clicking on the “Privacy” page.

Applicable Law andPlace of Jurisdiction

The provisions contained in these General Conditionsare governed by the Italian law. For legal purposes, the Italian text shallprevail on translations. In the event of disputes regarding the interpretation,the implementation or the breach of these Conditions of Use, the Court ofBologna will be competent exclusively.

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