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Mechanical shaft pallet conveyor system

The plant is made up of closed conveyors that convey the product on a pallet from one station to the next.

The product is a gear shaft that must undergo several types of mechanical working in the different stations.

As the product is relatively heavy (3 kg), the motors have been positioned on the basis of the load and envisioned accumulations, in order to minimise the pull necessary for each conveyor.

The ring is in fact made up from three conveyors connected by completely coupled drive units.

The plant also includes 4 standard pneumatic pallet stops, whose function is that of separating the pallet before each station.

The supports with spacers and the containment guide have been dimensioned to guide the pallet on the lower base (50 x 50 mm), while as the upper part measures 2 00 x 00 mm, it will project above the guides.

The wheel bends have guide disks [PU 322 6/0503 ] that are opportunely dimensioned to the client’s pallet.