Horizzontal Pack Combining Unit 2-1

The mechanical 2/1 pack combining unit allows to combine the flow of packs coming from two different wrapping lines.

It consists of two paddles that alternatively close the passage of the packs on both lines: when a pack touches a paddle, this is opened and, at the same time, it mechanically blocks the opening of the other. The paddle stays in a open position while pack transit takes place and product accumulates on the other line.

As soon as the flow of packs ends, the paddle is closed and the other one is lifted to allow passage of the product on the other line.

The unit is equipped with upstream and downstream control photocells that check the passage of the product (correct functioning condition).
The unit may be manually lifted to place it in a by-pass condition.

Pneumatic brake units are installed to contain accumulation up-stream of the unit in suitable spaces, created by the quantity of packs pushed before being ruined and by the line length. Such units have the function of stopping the product flow once a specific electric signal is given by a photocell.

In this way it is possible to create the space needed to the paddle to lower and to open the one on the side.