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Sustainability, the global target

Sustainability is (or should be) a global target for everybody and not only for industries, but is for sure a clear target for the paper industry.

We all live in the same world with limited space and limited resources, but same environment.

Then we as Pulsar have decided to contribute for a better future, improving our actions and especially supporting our customers to keep and reach their targets.

We support tissue producers to better manage the dynamic of consumer trends, which reduces the lifecycle of a product, with high request of flexibility.

We submit to our customers solutions to better handle the products flow in their production and packaging lines in a flexible, safe and sustainable way.

With our systems, we contribute to the sustainability of our customer:

• with our control systems for the management of the lines we handle the products with care, reducing the scraps;

• with our harmonizer system, we balance the flow according to specific events along the line, avoiding unexpected and continuous start and stop along the line;

• with our engineering skills, we design layouts on vertical levels, reducing the precious space occupation of the floor (and of the soil) and creating free and safe ways for operators to cross the workshops;

• with our smart control systems, we reduce energy waste, adapting the speed of the conveyors according to the real need;

• with our solutions we facilitate the adjustment of the lines at every product changeover, reducing time and product wasting and safety risks for the operators;

• with our Quatis systems, we provide our customers with an unprecedented amount of accurate data about the quality of their products and about their line functionality, helping them to satisfy the high expectations of their customers and to improve the efficiency of their production lines;

• with our Plant Layout Simulator, we design the “digital twin” of a customized production line, offering the possibility to test the impact of different configurations, different processing machines, different products and different events normally present in a production line. In this way, we are able to predict the real behaviors and performances of an operating line, helping the correct engineering and manufacturing of the same, obtaining higher OEE;

• with our experience on the tissue converting industry, we can support our customer in the engineering and configuration of new production lines, or sites, helping them to define the most efficient lay-out configuration according to their targets;

• with the design of our lines and components, we create a safe working environment, improving the safety of the operators and their health;

• with our IOT platform, we created a virtual environment to be always close to our customers and their needs, reducing the need to travel and the reaction time

We care and we will always care about details, catching and anticipating the customers expressed or unexpressed needs and developing customized solutions.

We build long-term relationships and we integrate our knowledge with the one of our customers, protecting their ideas and helping them to reach their targets.

As a leading player in the tissue converting area, we know we can make the difference and help our customers to reach their targets.

We continuously put our efforts in improving our proposals and our attitudes, innovating and anticipating trends, needs, technologies applications.

Find out more on how we can help also your company to reach your target of sustainability and efficiency. Get in touch with us at