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Pulsar America Open House: review of a successful event

Pulsar’s 5-day Open House ended on Friday, September 25th and was attended by a considerable representation of the major tissue producers in the USA. The event, which took place from September 21st to 25th, offered an opportunity to present the technological trends of the future, the most innovative solutions in the tissue industry, focusing on topics such as quality inspection machines, OEE calculation devices and the new trends for the handling of tissue products. The Open House was hosted in Pulsar America new facilities in Green Bay (WI), 375 Parkview Road – Unit 15, inaugurated for the occasion. Throughout the event customers were able to take a close look at the machines running, witnessing the outstanding proficiency of Pulsar’s products spread on worldwide markets.
In detail, customers had the possibility to see and test many of the Pulsar products among which the new ones recently presented at the It’s Tissue event (June 22nd-26th, Lucca) as:
- QUATIS quality inspection machine designed to check the compliance of wrapped and un-wrapped tissue products
- SATURNO, a new concept design for the handling of products
- REDS SYSTEM PLATINUM, the data collection platform also capable of OEE calculation, specifically customized for the Tissue Industry
For the special event, the new PLS Dynamic, software able to simulate the real functioning of a tissue converting, packaging and palletizing line, has been presented through webinar sessions held by an expert from Italy, who provided all the technical specifications required by the guests.
Finally, customers were welcomed on Thursday evening at the Pulsar America Gala Dinner, where they had the possibility to taste some specialties of the Italian cuisine and to have a full immersion into the Italian tradition.

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