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A Robotic Cell to try the potential of Antares

Not theory or simulation, but a new concept of packaging system that is already reality.

We are talking about ANTARES, Pulsar Engineering's proposal for packaging designed to change the paradigm of technology applied so far.

With Antares, Pulsar Engineering has introduced in the world of Tissue product packaging a new system based on robotic and modular systems that makes possible automation solutions of packaging processes, with features and performance not achievable with conventional systems.

Antares guarantees high flexibility and adaptability to the formats required, reducing and almost eliminating the time for switching between different formats in the same line. This is both in terms of the type of products to be grouped and packaged, and in terms of the configuration of the output patterns and even the type of packaging, with the possibility of using on the same systems flexible films, pre-formed or to-be-formed bags, in plastic or paper, or cardboard boxes, even simultaneously.

In order to demonstrating the innovation of ANTARES, Pulsar Engineering makes available to its customers at its premises a Robotic Cell that allows them to test the potential of the system, manipulating and handling any type of tissue product at the customer's request (from packs, to tissue cartons, to facial tissue boxes etc.) and directly verify its extreme flexibility, using real product samples provided by the customer.

The robotic cell, thanks to its two cells-one with a 5-axis Delta robot for handling individual products, the other with an Anthropomorphic Robot, 6-axis for handling bundles, is configured to:

  • make immediately visible to the end customer the possibilities of handling their product, including Nesting in continuity (making asymmetric bundles);
  • present the possibilities of filling boxes and trays or other containers and/or arranging the pack pattern on pallets; present the possibilities of format changes and work configuration changes;
  • identify achievable performance;
  • identify the best gripper configuration;
  • identify the correct product handling strategy, according to the result to achieve.

All in real time and using real product samples previously submitted.

For extremely customized requests, the Pulsar Engineering team can study and prepare in advance in rapid prototyping, gripping organs suitable for the handling of the requested product.

For more information or to book a trial, contact our team!

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