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Coronavirus - Pulsar Engineering Operating Activities

Given the relentless international communication on this topic, we thought it appropriate to inform you that WE ARE HERE AND YOU CAN COUNT ON US, AS ALWAYS.
The spread of COVID-19 is forcing us to devote a lot of attention aimed at protecting each of us, as a single person and family unit, but also within companies, for the right purpose of protecting employees and collaborators and their families.
The level of alarm generated also depends on the enormous media coverage that this event is causing worldwide, which might lead to unjustified reaction levels.

Starting from this consideration, we decided to write this communication to inform on our corporate, personal and territorial situation, in order to provide all our customers with the real scenario of what is going on.


Our technicians are at your disposal both at the headquarters and at our branches for consultancy, analysis and verification on both new and old projects, via videoconference if necessary.
For the systems and machines under test with us, our customer service is able to carry out tests and demos to customers who can comfortably stay in their offices and assist in video conference.
On systems already installed, assistance and adjustments can be made in remote assistance on most of the machines and systems present all over the world.


All Pulsar employees and their families fortunately are all in good health.
No Pulsar employee has had contact with critical areas in Italy or abroad in the past 30 days.


In Pulsar we have implemented an event management plan which is divided into the following points:

- We have activated a Management Committee, made up of the General Manager, the Human Resources Manager and the After-Sales Service Manager, which aims at monitoring the spread of the virus in real time, both in Italy and in the world, in order to evaluate any necessary measures to be taken.
- We monitor, adopt and comply with all indications and precautions indicated by WHO, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local Authorities.
- We continuously monitor the health of our internal employees and our main service providers.
- Since the first alarm in Italy last February 22, we have encouraged, where possible, the use of smart working both to prevent people, even if only trivial symptoms of malaise, from entering the company, , and to support families to manage their children given the school closure decided by the Italian Government as a precaution.
- We have reduced the number of non-employees or habitual collaborators present in Pulsar and we have activated a verification and interview mechanism to evaluate any residual risk of those entering our company as visitors.
- We have requested to all our Service Providers, a declaration about the health status of their collaborators and to report any risk element, asking for personal declarations of responsibility in this regard.
- We immediately contacted all our customers, informing them of our situation and confirming them that we are 100% operative.
- For Customers with activities and field services already in the planning phase, we confirmed our availability for implementation, provided that the necessary safety conditions for our operators exist and communicating availability for Remote Service activities, via IT connection.
- As a consequence of the above, we have increased the technical infrastructure to be able to manage these services massively, to grant the necessary assistance to our customers.
- We are monitoring our suppliers of materials and services, to prevent possible shortages of products and services.


From a commercial point of view, the restrictions adopted by some countries and the understandable caution adopted by our Customers at an international level, reduce the possibility of direct contact with our interlocutors, but our business situation allows us to keep all operations perfectly active and thanks to the existing communication technology, we can continue to engineer and design new systems and machinery and bring forward all existing projects, without any kind of problem.


From an operational point of view, we are not suffering any repercussion, our suppliers are operational and the supply chain has not been delayed. All the design, procurement, assembly and testing activities proceed regularly, without causing any delay with respect to the scheduled delivery dates.


We apologize for this long communication but we wanted to clearly and unequivocally inform you about the situation, which at the moment allows us to be fully operational and to continue activities on a regular basis, guaranteeing maximum support to all our customers.

We hope that the news about an effective containment of the epidemic that is starting to circulate can contribute to provide a real vision of the situation, dissolving excessively dramatic representations that do not correspond to today's reality.
Our intent is not to underestimate or reduce the importance and risk of what is happening, but only to provide a real picture of the situation, in order to take the most suitable actions possible.