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Last January 16, 2015, in the wonderful settingof Villa Zarri (see website, in Castel Maggiore, Pulsar Srlcelebrated its first 25 years of activity (1989-2014).

The event was attended by employees andcollaborators of Pulsar, its main suppliers and some of the most importantcustomers who have shared with Pulsar over 25 years of history. All of themoffered to Pulsar collaboration opportunities and new challenges, promoting atthe same time its development, growth and orientation.

The event started with a presentation of theevening and included the reunion with the milestones who made the history of Pulsar(see the summary below reproducing what was said by Massimo Franzaroli, thepresident of Pulsar). Moreover, the dinner was characterized by an unusual andamusing entertainment. In the end of the event, all the guest visited the VillaZarry distillery, well-known for its limited production of high-quality craftbrandy.

During the presentation of the event, Mr Franzaroliwanted to go back, remember the milestones, and meet some of the most importantcustomers of Pulsar:

"Pulsar celebrates its first 25 years of activityby acknowledging the people who believed in this challenge and accompanied thecompany's success over the years.

The first thanks goes to the people who havemade the history of the Pulsar and believed in his abilities. A special thanksgoes to those, who left a trace of their presence in our billboard of memories.We can start from Pasquale Berti andEzio Monti, in memory of the end-of-armrobot made for Sapri, which firstcommissioned an order to the ancestor of Pulsar; Rita Tunioli, on behalf of MarchesiniGroup, one of the first buyers of large quantities of components; Gabriele Gnudi and Gianni Monari, whose Bemak,now part of the GB Group, in 1986 was the first customer to produce a machinecompletely assembled with aluminum profiles.

We do want to express our gratitude towards Daniele Vacchi, with whom we share thepassion for mechanics and through which we became "Friends of the Museumof the Industrial Heritage of Bologna".

In reference to relatively closer events, we cannotforget our business partner, TiennoBettati, who offered Pulsar the possibility to become part of the B Groupand our first customers in the industry of Tissue, Moreno Gemignani and MassimilianoVannucchi, Perini Alessandro andFrancesco Sebastiani, on behalf of Sofidel, initiators of a relationshipwith a previously unknown world, that lasts over time.

In this regard, in 2009, two people believed inthe idea of creating an award to recognize the excellence in the world oftissue, whose common factor had to be the passion. A special thanks goes toAngelo Del Carlo and Cristina Lazzareschi for supporting and trusting the foundationof the Club Technology and Passion (

Last but not least, we have to mention ourtraveling companions Enrico Grassi(Elettric80), Vanni Angeli (TMC), Giovacchino Giurlani (Futura), Roberto Martelli (Fabio Perini) and Barbara Papini (Gambini), among the otherswho couldn’t participate in this event, with whom every day we strive to givelife to an unprecedented event, called It'sTissue (, that,after 2013, will be repeated even bigger in 2015 .

Finally, we aim to acknowledge therepresentative of the community that is the home of our company, Belinda Gottardi, Mayor of CastelMaggiore and Alberto Baccini, Mayor of Porcari, home of the Club Technology andPassion.

Hoping the future will set aside new opportunitiesand challenges, we look forward to seeing you at  It'sTissue 2015 to unveil the content of ournew projects and developments. "

Over the dinner, Massimo Franzaroli rewarded theemployees which have worked for Pulsar for at least 20 years, starting fromPiero Grepioni, employee number one in the entrepreneurial history of Franzaroli;Paolo Pinghini and Alessandro Libanori, who joined the company in 1994; AndreaDe Angelis, the current Technical Director, which began to work for Pulsar as atrainee in 1995 and Paolo Morini, who began in the same year to supportPulsar’s projects.

On the occasion of the event, Pulsar alsointroduces its new website, renewed in form and content, with the intent torepresent a new stage in the history of its evolution.

Together with the site, we aim at introducingalso Supernova, the newsletter of Pulsar. The first issue of Supernova will be entirely devotedto the celebration of the event.

In Supernova, readers will find photos andvideos of the event, which can be downloaded, as a reminder of their presenceto that nice evening.

Massimo Franzaroli and Lorena Bergamaschi, hiswife, always at his side in his entrepreneurial adventures, as well as inprivate life, want to thank all the participants and invite them, together withall the friends and collaborators who could not be present, to celebrate onceagain the first 25 years of Pulsar srl.


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