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Tappi and Pulsar - Tissue 203 Workshop

TAPPI and Pulsar are glad to announce their partnership in delivering a series of one-day workshops designed to help those working with tissue converting lines improve operations.

The TAPPI Tissue 203 - Converting System Analysis & Simulation Workshop is designed to help operators optimize layouts and minimize bottlenecks with the use of a newly developed Plant Layout Simulator (PLS) calculation software created by Pulsar.

Course instructors will use Pulsar's application, called TISSUEPLS to model various situations and demonstrate visually the impact on productivity. You'll be taught in this workshop how to leverage the easy-to-use PLS tool for your operations, how to input your own data and define layouts, and then analyze your converting lines.

Participants will also benefit from a limited 30-day license for this simulation software, which can be useful in marketing and in production to check existing lines and define potential new products.