REDS System Platinum

The REDS System Platinum is a system developed for the application in the tissue industry.
The REDS System Platinum allows for the calculation of the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) for the whole line and for every machine composing the same.

Furthermore, the identification of the production lot and the operators acting on the line, allows for the traceability of the information. The measurement of the operating efficiency of tissue converting plants represents the key parameter to increase the performance of the plant and thus maximize the return on investment, the profitability of production and the quality of the products manufactured.

In order to increase the efficiency of production lines, it is essential to analyze and collect the operating data, such as:

• Production counts
• Scrap rates
• Machine cycle times
• Downtime times and causes
• Unproductive time
• Quality issues

Only after having measured the necessary data and recorded the related phenomena, you can take actions to improve the operating conditions and the line management.