Type modular chain

Modular conveyor solutions are the optimal solution for the transport of products, with soft base and/or bulky and that need the stability that only a wide chain can offer.

Pulsar Engineering’s modular conveyors are the most suitable choice to connect packaging machines in the line end.In the packaging, tissue and food industries our conveyors offer the best applications thanks to their flexibility and modularity!

The use of a chain with a wide open surface gives the possibility of cleaning it without compromising the stability and integrity of the product, above all for applications in accumulation, and of safeguardingthe operators’ safety.

Available with a chain width from 9” (228,4 milimeter) up to 24” (609,6 milimeter), straight conveyors can be made with 30° - 45° - 60° - 90° curves and with the possibility to mount all the components of the B-Flex line, like support guides, fixing brackets and aluminum profiles.